Helm Pump for Boat with 150cc with 15 Days Delivery Time



Our new helm pump for boat is equipped with a 150cc capacity and offers a fast 15 days delivery time. The pump is made with high-quality materials and engineered to perfection for optimal performance. It is applicable in various industries such as manufacturing plants, farms, retail, and construction works.

Product Features

With a nonstandard structure, our helm pump is designed to cater to specific customer needs. Here are some of its salient features:

  • It boasts a piston cylinder structure, powered by hydraulics.
  • The body material is sturdy steel, ensuring durability.
  • It features Parker, Hallite seals for efficient operation.
  • The pump has a bore diameter of 63mm and a rod diameter of 35mm.
  • It offers a stroke of 256 and is double-acting, providing optimal performance.

We have the capability to produce this product with precision and deliver it on time.

Product Usage and Maintenance

The helm pump is primarily used in boats for hydraulic steering. Regular inspection and repair are a must to ensure its longevity. Following are some quick tips for its upkeep:

  • Regular Cleaning: Keep the pump clean and free from dust and debris.
  • Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for smooth operation. Use the recommended hydraulic oil.
  • Regular Replacement: Parts like seals and hydraulic oil may need periodic replacement. Always replace with original parts for best performance.

Choosing the right hydraulic oil and oil seal is crucial for the helm pump’s performance. The oil should have the recommended viscosity and the seal should fit perfectly. In case of any wear and tear or underperformance, replacement is advised.

To measure a hydraulic cylinder, you need to determine the bore diameter, rod diameter, and stroke length, all of which are clearly mentioned in our product specifications.

Place Your Order Now

Don’t miss out on our high-quality helm pump for boat with 150cc. With its robust features and reliable performance, it’s the perfect addition to your boat. We assure you of a fast delivery time of 15 days. Place your order today and experience the difference!

About Us

Our company is a market leader in the hydraulic cylinders segment in China. We specialize in hydraulic tilt cylinders, hydraulic steering cylinders, and hydraulic lift cylinders. With a design capacity of 200,000 sets, we have 300 sets of fully automatic CNC production equipment and automatic hydraulic cylinder assembly equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the delivery time for the helm pump?
    The delivery time for the helm pump is 15 days.
  2. What is the bore diameter of the helm pump?
    The bore diameter of the helm pump is 63mm.
  3. What is the warranty period for the helm pump?
    The warranty period for the helm pump is 1 year.


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