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Discover our brand new hydraulic electric cylinders, specifically designed for diverse industries such as hotels, garment shops, building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, food & beverage factories, farms, restaurants, retail, food shops, construction works, energy & mining, and food & beverage shops. With a weight of 40kg and a warranty of 1.5 years, our product guarantees durability and reliability. Each cylinder adheres to a non-standard structure and is fitted with a piston. The power source is hydraulic and the body material is steel, ensuring robust performance under any circumstance. The product can be customized according to the client’s request.

Product Features and Production

Our hydraulic electric cylinder stands out due to its unique features. Firstly, the product is composed of top-quality 20#/45# Steel and is endowed with Hallite seal kits. Secondly, it operates under a working pressure of 7Mpa-35Mpa, ensuring optimal performance. Thirdly, the acting type is double acting single acting which facilitates efficient operations in various environments. Fourthly, the product comes packed in a sturdy plywood case for secure shipping. Lastly, we offer video technical support after the warranty period, ensuring our customers are never left unsupported.

We take pride in our ability to produce this exceptional product. Our manufacturing facilities in Canada are certified and adhere strictly to quality standards. We also provide a certificate of authenticity with every product.

Product Usage

Our hydraulic electric cylinders are versatile, catering to an array of applications. These cylinders are extensively used in manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, construction works, and energy & mining industries, to name a few. They can be easily installed and operated, making them a popular choice amongst our clients.

Maintenance of the Product

Our hydraulic electric cylinders require regular inspection and repair to ensure longevity. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the accumulation of dust and debris which can hamper performance. Lubrication is vital to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. We also recommend regular replacement of parts to maintain optimum performance.

Product Selection

When choosing the right hydraulic oil and oil seal for our hydraulic electric cylinders, consider the operating pressure, temperature, and speed. Additionally, the type of seal material should be compatible with the hydraulic fluid. Replacement should be considered when there is visible wear and tear or decreased performance. To measure a hydraulic cylinder, you need to determine the bore diameter, rod diameter, and stroke length.

Call to Action

Don’t miss out on our premium hydraulic electric cylinders. Designed for versatility and built for durability, our product guarantees enhanced productivity and efficiency. Explore our product range today and take a step towards operational excellence. Order now for a seamless and robust industrial experience!

About Our Company

We have established a strong foothold in the market segment of hydraulic cylinders in China. We specialize in hydraulic tilt cylinders, hydraulic steering cylinders, and hydraulic lift cylinders. With a design capacity of 200,000 sets, we are equipped with 300 sets of fully automatic CNC production equipment and automatic hydraulic cylinder assembly equipment.


1. What is the warranty period for the hydraulic electric cylinders?

The warranty period for our hydraulic electric cylinders is 1.5 years.

2. What after-sales services do you provide?

We provide video technical support after the warranty period.

3. How can I ensure the longevity of the hydraulic electric cylinders?

Regular inspection, cleaning, lubrication, and replacement of parts when necessary can ensure the longevity of the hydraulic electric cylinders.


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